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CDL Program

CDL Program

State-of-the-Art Training:

Puts You Ahead in Your New Trucking Career

At the KLLM Driving Academy, we'll train you on the exact equipment you'll be driving as a KLLM truck driver. You get hands-on experience you can use the first day of your new trucking job!

Phase 1 - Classroom Instruction

Prepares you to earn your CDL Class A permit. Includes sessions in our Tractor simulator lab, Refrigerated trailer lab, and Computer lab.

Phase 2 - Driving Training

Puts you behind the wheel as you gain 12 days of experience on our truck driving range as well as on-the-road driver training.

Phase 3 - Internship Program

Graduate from our academy, get your Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL), then go over the road for 6 weeks with a KLLM certified trainer—while earning $73.57 per day, up to $514.99 a week while on the truck.

Choose Your Career Direction

You'll have a great KLLM truck driving job waiting for you after Phases 1-3.

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